My journey to handmade is all my Mother’s fault. And I couldn’t be happier about it! When I was a child, my mother took great pains to keep me busy creating handmade works of art. She was never the type of mother to insist upon cleaning my room or tidying up my bed. Instead she taught me all about love and discipline through the process of creating handmade goods with my own hands. We often sat at the kitchen table, where she would give me wood to stain or maybe even some cake batter to whip. I cherish those memories. And through the experience, she taught me so many of life’s lessons including- patience, perseverance and courage to forge my own path.

As an adult, I naturally gravitated towards a job that would allow me to create. I became a boat builder and cherished every day on the job creating seaworthy vessels that would sail the high seas as I happily waved goodbye from the shore. After I was laid off, I wasn’t sure what I would do next. I had recently made a cutting board for a friend and she suggested I join Etsy. I opened my very first shop and hope one day I can “quit my day job”.

With the love and support of my children, I decided to merge the better of the only two worlds I ever knew – boatbuilding and parenting. So it was only natural that I would become a teacher! I currently teach a boatbuilding class (which heavily relies on Math) in the Boston Public school system. I teach it all to my students from the very first cut made on the wood to sanding down the finished product. There is nothing more pleasing to my eyes than a child holding up their finished product and squealing with delight!

After work, I spend quality time with my family and head off to my home studio where planks of wood and power tools come out to play! I love this time of day…when my mind is at peace and the only sound that cuts the silence is the buzzing of my table saw.

When not hard at work in my Etsy shop or creating orders, I enjoy spending time with my adult and teenage sons- Zack and Xavier. My Etsy shop is named after my oldest who watched a film in which dragonfly represented the bond between a mother and child. Ever since then, he gifts me anything and everything that has a dragonfly motif.

My Etsy shop is truly a labor of love and constantly update with new products. So please stop back regularly! I also enjoy custom orders and being a part of your special moments.