Beautiful Baker's board


This is a must have for the baker in your home. This hand crafted Baker's board is made from Blood wood(rich reddish color) and European Beech (light color strips). This board has 2 lips on either end so the board will not move as you are rolling out your dough, and a back lip so your dough won't go off the back edge. It is also great to use one side for baking and flip it over and use the other side for cutting. Two boards for the price of one. 

European Beech has a natural anti bacterial in it which makes it perfect for cutting/baking boards. 

The board is sanded until it is smooth and then mineral oil is applied and allowed to soak into the wood. Then the board is buffed with board butter(a combination of bees wax and mineral oil).

The board comes seasoned and ready to use. This will be a family heirloom .

This board features a counter wrapping edge(to keep it in place) and a pastry edge(to keep things from dumping off the back of it) and is reversible. The edges make it easy to prop up to dry. This board is 18x24 and the wrapping edge is 3"

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