Designer Wooden Cutting Board, Unique Kitchen Block, Genuine Wood Cheese Board,Whale Shaped Cheese board, Nautical Cutting Board


Display your cheese platter on this beautiful Whale shaped board. This designer wooden cutting board will be your greatest ally as you set to work creating a gourmet meal. Handmade in expert detail, it features a lovely combination of European Beech wood accented with Purple Heart wood stripes. Custom hand sanded to a smooth finish, a combination of mineral oil and beeswax gives it a stunning sheen. With proper care, it will last a lifetime and be a much-used kitchen tool. It is an original Dragonfly Woodwrights creation. Order now to guarantee availability.

This board is crafted from beautiful European Beech and Purple Heart and is 11 wide by 16 long . Wood has a natural anti bacterial enzyme which makes it the perfect wood for cutting boards. 

Each board is created with care and sanded to a smooth finish, mineral oil is applied and then each board is buffed with Board Butter (a combination of Bees wax and mineral oil).

Each board is season and ready to use once it arrives.

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